Bluetech Racing Division


Name: Bluetech Racing Division Team Leader: POWEL Org Affiliation: Bluetech Nationality: SWEDEN Website:
Bluetech racing division

Team Bio

Bluetech is an exploration and trading company in the defense sector, founded in Arccorp in 2949. The goal is to seek answers to unanswered questions about unknown space.

In same year, a Rally team was acquired for the purpose of being part of a larger advertising campaign. In an attempt to establish their brand in the market. The racing team has recently become its own division under Bluetech. During 2950, ​​the team will participate in the Daymar Rally in the Rover division. Preparations began in 2949 with the upgrade and adaptation of the vehicles for the competition.

The Bluetech Racing Division aims to establish itself and be a well-renowned racing team within the rally.