Watchoutek Racing Team Incorporated


Name: Watchoutek Racing Team Incorporated Team Leader: Pepson Org Affiliation: Bad Neighbor Nationality: France Website:
  • Avatar pepson
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    Team Leader
    Role: Support Pilot
  • Placeholder renald Role: Support Pilot
  • Placeholder Gashnak Role: Support Co Pilot Vehicle: Caterpillar
  • Large avatar bn
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    kaji_arkale Role: Racing Co Pilot (Watchoutek) Vehicle: Cyclone RC
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Team Bio

"WRTinc" is one of the two racing team from the Bad Neighbor pirate group the other one Being "Da Gros Moteurs" . The Watchoutek Racing Team Inc is composed of: -) Kaji "Watchoutek"(co Driver) -) Pepson (Driver) -) Renald (Pilot) -) Gashnak (co Pilot) With the mighty Caterpillar "Betsy" and a truckload of "WSC" (Watchoutek Special Car), they intend to prove their worth by leaving a trail of dust in the face of their opponents, (especially their colleague from Da) and the might of their special vodka powered race cars. They might not be subtle, but sometimes brute force and a Daring attitude is what will get you to the end, and that's the whole spirit of the Watchoutek Racing Team.