Head of Media Production

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He/She has the total overview over all running media productions.

Responsibilities · You will be responsible for maximizing Staracing’s output of high quality content. · You will build a flexible team of content producers and coordinating their work. · You will plan deadlines, and make sure they are not missed. Job description · Plan content: On a regular basis, you will plan the content and deadlines in close collaboration with the Streamers and Heads of StarRacing and Communication, which currently means PerCapita, TeasingJester, Flexxe and Obinotus. Together with them you will populate the content delivery calendar for the next couple of months. The content will consist mainly our past events. The output formats will be infographics, videos, articles, social media posts, posters, slideshows, web-campaigns, and whatever other media format we realize we need. · Create a team: You will create a team of talented content producers who probably will be a mixture of full time staff members and external consultants like Grag, whom you may recruit from your professional networks or through other channels. · Defining and delegating tasks and responsibilities: You will predict what work needs to be done and break down separate tasks to different team members and keep track of their progress to make sure they will reach the deadline. · Facilitate the team: You will predict and solve dependencies and bottlenecks and communicate any changed plans to directors and team members, in order to hit the deadlines. · Plan for future deadlines: You will proactively plan for future deadlines while the team is working towards the next one. In this way we will not miss the special competences and preparation needed for creating the content that is planned for future deadlines. You will also pile up additional content to make sure we keep publishing during holidays and vacations. · Review and iterate: Before finalizing content for a deadline, you will make sure it has passed the review of the heads of StarRacing and Communication, which currently means Flexxe & Obinotus. · Create guidelines: You will write guidelines for future content production, such as style-guides for copy and design, based on the feedback you receive about how the content performs in various channels. · Improve the process: In retrospective you will evaluate together with the team, what went good and what went bad, and use this to improve the process so that previous experiences leads to a team that stays happy and productive.

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