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While a Tournament is running it is the voice and the face of a commentary that can enhance the overall impression of such an event for our viewers at home. So it is no wonder that Commentaries are a vital part of our whole organization and are our face to the public.

Commentaries must be expressive in their emotions and take the viewer on a journey they will never want to miss again. It’s no joke you are an entertainer. It is the responsibility of a commentary to work together with our Video & Graphic Team to ensure the quality of our Broadcasts. Think before you speak and have a serious behavior because you are our vanguard to the public. For our viewers and fans commentaries are you the face of StarRacing. Active commentaries receive support to work for us as long as we can provide it. Disclaimer: That includes mostly SR-merchandise, sometimes hardware/equipment (not whole systems) needed for broadcast uses like green screen, better microphones after proving loyalty. If you want to be part of our Team just contact us right away or send us an application to our RSI organization. We are looking for: Bilingual Twitch commentator (Deutsch/English) Bilingual Twitch commentator (español/English) Bilingual Twitch commentator (漢語/English) Bilingual Twitch commentator (русский/English)

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