Race control

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During a Tournament, race control lies at the very heart of StarRacing responsible for monitoring and supervising all stages of the practice, qualifying and race sessions.

Race Control is responsible for making the final call for all drivers in a race series and gathering them in the voice chat provided for the race session. A vital part of the race control’s responsibility is also to refer to the management any incidents in which drivers may have transgressed rules or broken the sporting code that governs racing. More complicated disciplinary issues, such as who was to blame in an accident or for contact between ships, or Cheating may sometimes be assessed at the conclusion of the race, rather than during it, as this gives teams a chance to defend their driver’s conduct. Without the great work of race control our Tournaments wouldn’t progress as smoothly as they do - and problems are pounced upon and contained very quickly For our stream you need a good internet connection. For our Streams we expect following speed rates: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- source 1080p: resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9) upstream (mbit/s): 6.000 - 40.000 downstream (mbit/s): 50.000 - 1000.000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- source 720p: upstream (mbit/s) 1.500 - 6.000 downstream (mbit/s) 25.000 - 50.000 resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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