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A new Racing Organizer joins the Party

posted by: Obinotus

Tentacle Cup will be held on the 13th of June at 1900 or 7pm CEST It will be an elimination-style race. Which in this cup means, the person(s) with the slowest lap time will get eliminated per race in Arena Commander Every race is on Rikkord Memorial All ships are permitted, however, as per the Murray Cup regulations no weapons are allowed to be fired. 1st place winner is getting a LTI Cutless Red 2nd place will be the C8X Pisces Expedition 3rd place will be the Aurora ES There's also a 5$ price to a random non-top 3 participant It will be streamed and commentated by Rumged on Sign up runs via PGO Discord: Sign up stops at the evening before. so on the 12th at 1700 UTC !!! So be fast sign up today !