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Daymar Rally

Cyclone Record & Practice Run




16 NOV 2019

We are attempting a record 50 Cyclones in one server. This will require help from as many of you as possible. You can use any Cyclone and if you are attending and don’t have a Cyclone please let us know in the ‘Cyclone for Practice run’ Discord channel so we can supply one for you. There will be a photo shoot and filming to post on social media and our YouTube channel within 24 hours. This should hopefully give us a little more buzz at CitCon also. As soon as we have some images and video we will begin a race from Shubin Mining Facility to Wolf Point and practice some more stream assets. The winner will take home an official race jersey.

Warmup Time: 19:00 UTC
Race Time: 20:00 UTC
Your Time: 2019-11-16 20:00:00 UTC
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StarRacing X-MAS Cup




21 DEC 2019

Warmup Time: 18:00 UTC
Race Time: 19:00 UTC
Your Time: 2019-12-21 19:00:00 UTC

Racing News:

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We've got accepted!!!

Hello, Racers and Fans we're part of the Citizen Con in Manchester. If you attended the Con and have some time to spare, you could visit our booth. See you there on the 23rd of November 2019. Posted by: Obinotus on SEP 23 2019
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StarRacing Sponsorship Deadline

Hello fellow Racing Fans until the November 1st we accept still logo sponsoring on our booth wall for the upcoming CitizenCon in Manchester. So if you are still interested get in touch with Flexxe via Discord as soon as possible. Posted by: Obinotus on OCT 28 2019

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